Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on August 19, 2016

tickThe Tick, the third TV adaptation (second live action) of Ben Edlund’s comic, is on Amazon, the pilot for free. Peter Serafinowicz plays the title role, less sizeable than Patrick Warburton, but… he comes off a touch less dumb but a touch more crazy, which makes for a slightly different tone. It’s overall less comedic, almost like the grim and gritty reboot of The Tick, but it’s still The Tick, so it’s not all that grim or that gritty. But I didn’t laugh at all in the pilot, which is a disappointment.

Some guy plays Arthur, he’s fine. Jackie Earle Haley is The Terror, and he’s good. That girl from the Following plays Dot, cuter than in The Following, less cute than when she was in House of Lies, but still quite cute.

One thing I noticed, and I don’t know if all amazon video does this, or only amazon originals, or if this is new to this show, but if you mouse over the player while it’s going, it’ll show you the names of the actors in the scene. Which is pretty awesome.


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