Pointless Nonsense

Posted in books by Bill on August 15, 2016

normalNormal is a Warren Ellis novel serialized as four $2 e-books, about a new patient at a mental asylum for people who know too much. Specifically, it’s based on the idea that certain people, futurists and strategic thinkers, inevitably go crazy (they “stare at the abyss too long”). It’s a great setting, full of unhinged characters with the kind of technological paranoia Ellis can write really well. And just random interesting asides (the zombie fungus is real and unnerving). Oddly, like Elektrograd, it’s a pretty simple trope for the main plot, which turns out to be locked room mystery. I enjoyed this a lot.

It made me think I should read more books, but when I came back from vacation to a week of unwatched TV and the “1K+” unread count in Feedly, I got the sense that probably isn’t going to happen.


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