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Posted in tv by Bill on August 1, 2016

vanhelsingVan Helsing is a new Syfy series which doesn’t start regularly until September, but for some reason they aired the pilot now. Its premise is surprisingly similar to Wynona Earp, in that it’s a lady with a feminized-version of her famous ancestor’s name, brought in to continue the legacy or whatever. In this case, it’s after a vampire apocalypse.

Kelly Overton, who I don’t really know but I guess she was on True Blood, plays Vanessa Helsing. Or at least, that’s what it said on imdb, since the pilot doesn’t get into the Helsing stuff. The pilot is mostly concerned with generic white guy, who is a military dude assigned to protect a doctor and a sleeping woman after the Yellowstone supervolcano goes off, and the resulting darkness leads to a vampire uprising. The doctor eventually gets turned, so generic white guy is in a secure base with a vampire doctor and a sleeping woman, then events conspire to bring in other people and wake Vanessa up. But in the end, the pilot doesn’t do a great job of setting things up. Vanessa is special, but we have no clue how her specialness can be implemented to turn back the feral vampire hordes. There is an antagonist of some sort, who I believe is human, or an organization of humans, but he or she or it is unseen and unnamed as far as I can remember.

I didn’t hate it, so I’ll probably check out episode 2. But I don’t have a clue what episode 2 will look like. It’s far more “chapter 1 of a novel” than “tv pilot that tells us what the show will be like.” They did the opening scene and then a cut to 36 hours earlier, but both those take place inside a locked area, and almost the entire episode is in there. The show will most likely venture outside, or at least it better if I’m going to find it interesting.


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