Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on July 31, 2016

bourneJason Bourne returns Matt Damon (and director Paul Greengrass) to the Bourne franchise, and it’s fine, but I feel like the series has had so many imitators in the 14 (!?) years since the first one came out that it doesn’t feel fresh anymore. There are just so many action movies with the same kind of brutal action scenes and the same style of filming them that the connection to the other movies is basically the only thing that makes this stand out from the crowd.

Greengrass (and possibly editor Christopher Rouse, who has worked with Greengrass on his three Bourne movies) does seem more adept at putting the shaking camera/quick cut action scene technique to good use. You still get the intended sense of disorientation, but the shots are still put together in a way where you do know what’s going on. It’s not just a dizzying series of whips and cuts where only the sound effects give you any clue what’s happening. But when the first couple Bourne movies came out, it felt different and exciting, and now it looks just like the action scenes from a bunch of other movies, so even done well, it feels kind of pedestrian.

Damon is joined this time by Tommy Lee Jones as the bad guy in the suit, Alicia Vikander as the girl who helps him out, the French guy from Ocean’s Twelve as the badass guy who chases him (every Bourne movie has to have those three roles), and Julia Stiles reprises her “girl who helps him out” role from the earlier movies.


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