Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on July 24, 2016

startrek-beyondStar Trek: Beyond is the latest in the “NuTrek” film series, and it’s more like the first one than the second, but seems to cement the film series as devoid of any attempt at more than an action series. The action is good, though, and the Enterprise crew is much better served here than in the second movie, where it seemed singularly focused on Kirk and Spock. Karl Urban’s Bones didn’t get nearly enough to do in that one, but he’s back to a major role here. But it’s ultimately pointless, which is a little bit of a let down. I think the only meaning you can get out of this is “peace is good.” So… not what I want from Star Trek, exactly, but a perfectly good action movie.

Meanwhile, I have my hopes up for this Trek series headed for CBS’s crappy version of netflix/hulu.

Random aside: know what I miss? Sequels with numbers. I honestly can’t remember the subtitle of the Khanberbatch movie, but I want to call it NuTrek II or something. It has no number in it’s title, nor does this movie, nor does, it seems, any movie franchise other than the infinite series of x Fast x Furuious. I can’t remember some of the original cast movies’ subtitles, but when I say Star Trek IV, you know I mean the one about whales.


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