Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on July 15, 2016

stranger thingsStranger Things is Netflix’s new series which is Super 8-ish in its deliberate 80s/Spielberg type movie nostalgia, but with some horror thrown in. More E.T. than anything else, it has sinister government agents, a group of kids running off unsupervised to have adventures, and a Drew Barrymoore-ish little sister, but there’s also spookys tuff, 80s music (Toto, Modern English, the Bangles), weird hair, and really cool retro credits.

It’s pretty good. I was worried this was going to cost me 13 hours, but luckily it’s only 8. I think most of the appeal is nostalgia, but I’m at least interested to see where it’s going.

Winona Ryder plays one of the moms, the Samaritan blonde from PoI is another one, Matthew Modine is one of the government people, other Newsroom anchor guy is the sheriff, and being filmed in Georgia, I think local news personality Brenda Wood got all 80s-ed up to play a newscaster.


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