Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on July 3, 2016

kill-the-messengerKill the Messenger is based on the story of Gary Webb, a journalist who published stories on the CIA’s connection to the crack epidemic, then saw his career fall apart. There were accusations of investigative and editorial failures, but the movie argues that the CIA used big newspapers (he worked for the San Jose Mercury News) to discredit him to hide their own mistakes.

Jeremy Renner plays Webb, Rosemarie DeWitt his wife, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Oliver Platt his editors. A variety of notable people also appear, Paz Vega, Robert Patrick, Michael Sheen, Barry Pepper, Andy Garcia, Omar from The Wire, Tim Black Nelson, and Richard Schiff.

It’s a relatively interesting story, but I probably could have picked it up better reading wikipedia than spending two hours watching the movie.


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