Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on June 28, 2016

roadiesRoadies is Cameron Crowe’s new Showtime series with Luke Wilson, Carla Gugino, and some other people. There was a time when Cameron Crowe’s stuff was funny and emotional, now, I dunno. His last few movies have either been bad or so dumb looking I never bothered. And this is kind of more of the same, I guess.

Imogen Poots plays the roadie who’s on her last day. Since she’s basically the main character, she’s going to have a turn partway through the episode where she decides to stay. It’s predictable in that sense, they even telegraph the method in which it’s going to happen. And it’s so full of itself. Roadies, the people that unpack gear and set up the stage and stuff and then pack it back up and move on, are not some kind of magical collective of music purists who cultivate the concert experience. Nothing against them, they get shit done. But if someone made a TV series about a construction crew and waxed poetic about the art of construction, I’d call bullshit on it. So the same deal for roadies.

It may also be that Aaron Sorkin has me tired of the “co-workers who bicker a lot, and may have been in a relationship before, and everyone around them insists they should get back together” dynamic. Because Luke Wilson and Carla Gugino do the exact same thing.


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