Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on June 25, 2016

tomb-raiderTomb Raider is the reboot of the once popular series that I never played. My exposure is limited to seeing a bunch of dudes whipped in a frenzy to see a model portraying Lara Croft at E3, the Angelina Jolie movie, and that part in spaced where Tim is depressed. But it was cheap on Steam and it got relatively good reviews, so I took a look.

The graphics are slick, and aside from a slight uncanny valley thing with the faces, the characters are really well done. The gameplay is a little too heavy on QTE type things… the line between gameplay and cutscene is blurred all over the place. Playing through the introductory part, I was rarely aware of when I was or wasn’t in control of the action. A tree fell across a small gap between two cliffs, and I’m walking over it like a balance beam. Lara stops as if she’s losing her balance, and I start to turn the mouse and hit the directional key, before realizing it’s a scripted event, and all I have to do to cross the tree safely is press E (or W for people with inferior WASD setups).

I didn’t get too far in the story, but it seemed like a promising start, and at least the game seems very story-heavy, which I tend to like. So I feel like I can put up with the QTE stuff to get a good story from a $7.50 game (GOTY edition… which included 7 bonus outfits! all of which suck compared to the default outfit, sadly… and apparently there’s no “new costume get” type scenario, which is just rude, new outfits should be a progress reward, not a DLC thing).

Next up would be Borderlands 2, but since it was better received than the first one, I’m not worried about getting that one in under the return policy wire. So… Torchlight, which Joseph mentioned the other day, since it turned out to be $3 (and its sequel $4). I think I’m more likely to not like this one, so the chances of returning it are relatively high.


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