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Posted in video games by Bill on June 25, 2016

antichamberAntichamber is a game I saw on a list of puzzle games like Portal and The Talos Principle. It has a bit more in common with the latter, in that there’s a tiny bit of… I wouldn’t call it story, exactly, but flavor text type stuff that I’m completely ignoring.

The graphics are cheap, but the game is largely about impossible space. Walk through a hallway that just takes you on an endless loop, but turn around and go the opposite direction, and you end up getting somewhere. There’s a door to walk through when you face away from it, but not when you face it. That kind of stuff. It’s a little bit of a mindfuck in some places. It doesn’t even get puzzley for a little bit, and even once it does I’m finding my self more lost than I am unable to solve puzzles. But it’s still interesting. I’m stopping because… two days into the summer sale, I’ve bought 10 things, so I need to hustle through them to try them out before the return window expires. Tomb Raider (2013) up next.


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  1. therealmikesori said, on June 25, 2016 at 8:49 pm

    Hope you enjoy Tomb Raider! It’s a ton of fun!

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