Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on May 7, 2016

chappieChappie intrigued me at first, but when it started to seem like non-comedic Short Circuit (but at least the indian guy is indian), I no longer cared about seeing it in the theater. But I saw that it was on one of these channels I probably shouldn’t be paying for, so why not?

It is a little more complicated than Short Circuit, but it doesn’t really get into the stuff about Ai that really interests me. Or, at least not until the end, when it kinda raises the idea of some of that and either leaves it unanswered or intended it for a sequel that’ll never happen. It gets points for being more ambitious than your average robot action movie, but it ultimately isn’t that great as an action movie or as a scifi/robot movie.

The fact that it’s all South African is kind of amusing in a few parts. Obviously Die Antwoord is weird as hell. That guy seems like a psychopath (I’m fairly sure he’s not acting) and the girl sounds like she’s 6. One of the South African characters who speaks English is subtitled in English. Seems kinda silly, I admittedly don’t understand every word, but I got the gist. And Hugh Jackman has like a demi-mullet, a haircut that I imagine is not as uncool in South Africa as it is in the rest of the world? I dunno.


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