Pointless Nonsense

Posted in video games by Bill on April 13, 2016

talosThe Talos Principle was recommended to me a while back, was on sale for $10 in February, and I’m just getting around to playing it. And obsessively finishing it within a few days. It’s a Portal-ish puzzle game, first person in a 3d environment, solving a bunch of individual puzzles, some that teach you new solution techniques and tools, some that mix together everything you’ve learned to create bigger challenges. I completely loved the puzzle solving element.

The story kinda sucked, though. It’s very philosophy-centric, I guess? Or something. I basically stopped paying attention about 1/4 of the way through. The game also had one major flaw, in that there’s a possible endgame that is totally unclear that it’s an endgame. Some big doors open and the booming voice that talks to you the whole game tells you to come on through, so you do, and it’s like “hey, way to go, game over.” Leaving things you wanted to do undone, and forcing you to find the part in the weird menu that lets you load older autosaves.

There’s a thing where you can find a bunch of hidden items to unlock other levels, but the hidden items are far too well hidden. There are probably dozens, and I think I saw less than 10 the entire game. Looking at youtube, some of them are ridiculous, and I have no interest in that.

But the puzzles were great. $10 well spent.


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