Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on February 29, 2016

batmanbadbloodBatman: Bad Blood is a DC direct to video animated movie from a month or so ago that I got and forgot to watch until now. It’s a mix of Batwoman’s Elegy storyline with the later parts of Grant Morrison’s Batman run. It’s a continuation from Batman vs. Robin, and returns most of the voice cast. They add Yvonne Strahovski* as Batwoman, the Unhappily Ever After guy as her dad, Ernie Hudson as Lucius Fox, Smash from FNL as Batwing, and that’s basically it.

It’s pretty meh, but that seems to go along with the general direction these have been taking for a while.

* – To be completely superficial, hiring her to do a voiceover in an American accent is dumb. She is super hot, but providing a voice means we don’t see her. Her Aussie accent is also super hot, but as Kate Kane we don’t hear that. And there’s something about her voice when she does an American accent I find irritating.


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