Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on February 28, 2016

loveLove on Netflix is yet another hipster friendly thing about young-ish single people in a city feeling aimless with an indie music soundtrack. It’s also yet another thing where skinny nerd writers write a thing about a skinny nerd writer landing a hot girl.

But it’s pretty good. It’s not non-stop laughs or anything, but there are some big laughs here and there. And Gillian Jacobs’ character is not the typical hot girl. She’s not like a manic pixie dream girl or anything. To the credit of the show, her story is far more interesting than his. She has her own life and career and many, many problems. Where in a lot of shows, the hot girl’s role is to be both the object of the man’s desire and the key to unlock his hidden potential, here she has her own stuff going on.

Gillian Jacobs’ name is pronounced with a hard G, and that’s crazy that I never knew that until she was on the Daily Show promoting this. She’s kind of a mess in this, but in a weirdly hot way. Claudia O’Doherty who I thought was goofily hot in an episode of QI and I liked her Aussie accent, is goofily hot here (and still Australian). I haven’t seen Charlyne Yi in anything since House ended, but she’s still oddly charming. And I haven’t Dave “Gruber” Allen in a while either. The main guy in it is… whatever. He’s the writer, so that sorta explains how he got the part, but he’s basically… the not-as-good version of every other skinny Jewish guy comedy lead, even though he is apparently not Jewish (but he looks suuuuuper Jewish).


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