Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on February 21, 2016

sincity2Sin City: A Dame to Kill For was the five-years-too-late sequel the pretty damn good 2005 movie. The delay and some of the casting made me unexcited about seeing it, which is why I’m only now getting around to it.

Dennis Haysbert takes over for Michael Clarke Duncan’s Manute, Josh Brolin for Clive Owen’s Dwight, Jamie Chung for Devon Aoki’s Miho (I don’t mind this one as much, but it’s still weird), and they had supposedly been holding out for Angelina Jolie as Ava before eventually settling on Eva Green. Aside from that, the major players from the first one are back.

The various stories are mostly comic adaptations, but one is an original story (also written by Frank Miller). Based on who’s alive and who’s dead, I think the whole movie takes place after the Yellow Bastard storyline of the first one, but before The Hard Goodbye and The Big Fat Kill. Which is weird, I would not have thought the Big Fat Kill was so much later in the story than the Yellow Bastard. But given this timeline, a lot of things don’t make sense. And in fact I think the timeline fucks up a little bit with Nancy (based on what we see here, I’m pretty sure she should have had distinctive scars for part of the first movie).

On the plus side, Mickey Rourke is still good as Marv. Jessica Alba has a lot of different outfits to dance in as Nancy (actually the last dancing scene was hotter than her in the first movie). Eva Green is a lovely woman who spends a lot of time not wearing clothes. And Rosario Dawson is also hot.

But the original story kinda sucked. I think the burned the better comic adaptations in the first movie except for A Dame to Kill For (which is about 1/3 of this). For absurdity’s sake, they should have done the one where Miho cruises around on roller skates slicing up dudes. Josh Brolin and Joseph Gordon Levitt have narration voiceover styles that are too similar and it starts to get monotonous. And it may have suffered from me having read the comics first this time, so for most of the movie I knew what was coming.


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