Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on February 15, 2016

vinylVinyl combines a bunch of things I like: HBO original series, 70s music, Scorsese, Olivia Wilde being all hot. Unfortunately, it also involved mountains of cocaine, which is not typically something I go for. And they have actors playing real-life musicians of the time, but not paying for the rights to use their music. So there’s some guy playing Robert Plant who then goes on stage to perform a Zeppelin soundalike, which is kinda weird. And Olivia Wilde is just the wife so she doesn’t do a lot. In the end, I found the pilot kind of boring.

Bobby Canavale is the main guy, and he’s joined by Ray Romano, Juno Temple, Paul Ben Victor, Andrew Dice Clay, Bo Dietl for some reason, the car thief guy from Elementary, Deena from the Powers show, and this That Guy.


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