Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on February 7, 2016

animalsAnimals is a new HBO animated series about… animals. The pilot is mostly about some rats having a party, but also horses and some kind of bugs make appearances. It’s kinda amusing. It does the familiar jokes where they’re kinda like people but have animal characteristics for human effect. “What are you bringing to the party?” “Oh, I found a cracker on the ground, so I thought we could all share that.” That sorta thing. Everything has kind of an improvised feel, and while the jokes don’t land hard, they’re steadily amusing. Decent enough to watch.

The voices are kind of a who’s who of alt comedy actor people. Most of the cast of The League, Matt Walsh, Rob Corddry, the Nathan For You guy, and the uptight girl from Blunt Talk are in the pilot, and it looks like tons more familiar voices will be coming.


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