Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on January 21, 2016

legendsoftomorrowLegends of Tomorrow is the latest entry on DC’s CW TV universe, and this seems like maybe one too many. Rip Hunter assembles a team of heroes and villains from 2016 to fight Vandal Savage in what seems to be maybe various timelines? I dunno. It’s a show centered around a bunch of existing characters I’m not all that fond of.

But unfortunately, they have cast Jewel Staite as someone eventually, so I’m going to end up watching it at least until she shows up., because I’m dumb like that.

Two things irritated me in the pilot (minor spoilers):

  1. “In 2166, you’re not just remembered as heroes, you’re legends!” says Rip Hunter. “I dunno, don’t you have to be dead to be a legend?” says one of the other guys. But… was he planning on being alive in 2166?
  2. This future time travelling bounty hunter guy comes after them, but oh no! Half of Firestorm and Ray’s armor are back in the ship, and Canary/Cold/Heat Wave are off somewhere else. So Hawk-people go after the guy, holding their own for a bit, which along with Rip using a laser revolver or something, buys enough time to get to the ship, pick up the armor and the rest of Firestorm, just as the two bad guys and Canary return, so obviously now they win the fight, right? Nope, they flee, barely escaping with their lives. Somehow a massive upgrade in their forces doesn’t seem to help a bit.

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