Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on December 29, 2015

the-big-shortThe Big Short is a pretty good movie, but don’t watch it if you’re not prepared to leave the theater frustrated and kind of angry. It uses narration, cutaways, and occasional breaking the fourth wall to try to explain the financial specifics of what went on, but still managed to leave a few things not totally explained and required research after the fact.

Still, it was educational, and in parts very entertaining, but mostly it leaves you mad about the whole thing. That banks would get so greedy as to do ball up shitty loans and pretend they were gold, that ratings agencies would rubber stamp the shit as gold, that regulators didn’t do a thing about it, that the banks got bailed out and went back to business as usual, that no one on the bank/ratings/insurance end was really punished, that it didn’t lead to any kind of real regulation to prevent this from happening again, that regular people who didn’t understand any of this shit paid the price, and that the recovery after this stuff has helped the people who fucked it all up and not to the regular people.

Christian Bale plays an analytical investor who was the first person to see the collapse coming. Ryan Gosling is an opportunistic broker type who hears about Bale and sees opportunity in it. Steve Carell plays an anti-establishment guy who hears about it through Gosling, wants it to be true, but is horrified to learn it’s so much worse than he thought. And then there are two young guys who push all-in betting against the market with the help of Brad Pitt’s veteran trader character. And Karen Gillan gets about a minute of screen time looking really hot (and really pale).


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