Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on December 18, 2015

tfaStar Wars: The Force Awakens successfully washes the taste of the prequels out of our collective mouths and gets back to what made the original trilogy work. They kinda won me over only a few minutes after the opening crawl, when someone looks through binoculars, and the picture is fuzzy and distorted and everything looks dirty, managing to capture the aesthetic of the first three movies pretty well.

The movie, in fact, really consciously tries to follow the formula of the originals, from the villain to the new characters’ archetypes to the settings. It might make you think the movie would suck, trying to rehash what was done before, but it really doesn’t. It’s sorta like how Super 8 constantly referenced early Spielberg movies, but still managed to be pretty good.

Daisy Ridley (who I had never seen before but is cute), John Boyega (from Attack the Block), and Oscar Isaac (seemingly everything lately) join the old cast members, and they all do well. The old people still look pretty good, and the new people form a core that I think can carry movies down the line.

Apparently Rogue One is up next, directed by the guy who did the latest Godzilla, which isn’t totally a good sign. But I’ll still be there on opening day or thereabouts, because between this and the Marvel movies, they’ve got me totally hooked with their… super-franchises or whatever you call them.


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