Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on December 17, 2015

magiciansThe Magicians is yet another new Syfy series[0] for which they had a “unannounced preview” Wednesday night (and by “unannounced”, that means the author of the books tweeted it, then every nerdy website reported it, then they showed commercials for it all week during their other shows). When I first saw that they were making the show probably 6 months to a year ago, it was described as “Harry Potter for grown-ups,” which, though I don’t know all that much about Harry Potter, seems about right.

The protagonist is a bit generic for this sorta thing. Nerdy depressed white guy loner (who we know is a nerdy depressed loner because his hair isn’t neatly combed and he’s never quite clean shaven, but for the lady viewers he doesn’t look like a real life nerdy depressed loner), who has a hot girl best friend he is not dating, discovers that he’s not just weird, he’s special. Entering the school he meets a bunch of people who fill various obvious roles: nerdy hot girl, popular slightly mean hot girl, rebellious hot girl, and also some dudes. And in sort of familiar 21st century casting, there are a few non-white students, but the only person on the darker half of the spectrum is the old guy. But really the important thing is that everyone is hot, because they totally want this to be a sexy sexual sexfest of sexiness.

The magical end of things is kinda what you’d expect. What is the school really up to, the students trying out things on their own which might be messing with forces they don’t understand, some kind of bad magic guy. Which is, I guess, ok. It’s just good enough that, sadly, I’m suckered in by the hot girls that I do want to keep watching. Particularly the nerdy girl, what with the glasses and all (and actually googling for her, she’s attractive and all, but without the glasses I probably wouldn’t give a shit).

0. The Expanse is pretty great so far, Childhood’s End had it’s moments, and they keep showing promos for several other interesting looking new shows coming in 2016. I think Syfy is finally headed in a good direction after several years of kinda sucking.


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