Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on December 15, 2015

childhoodsendChildhood’s End is SyFy’s six hour, three-night miniseries based on the Arthur C. Clarke novel that the opening promo said was legendary and super popular or something, but I’d actually never heard of it. It opens post-apocalypse, then flashes back to present-ish day, when aliens arrive and claim to be new benevolent overlords who will mostly leave earth alone except for fixing injustice. Wars end, diseases are cured, etc.

Not unlike The Expanse, the production values are quite high. The cast is reasonably ok (Barbie from Under the Dome, Chief O’Brien, Tywin Lannister, and the actress who I think was the dead wife in the pilot to The Player?). The first night ends with a fairly predictable twist, but it makes me curious to see where it goes from there. Certainly good enough to finish out the miniseries.

It has a lot of what seem to be familiar tropes, but since the novel is over 50 years old, I’m not sure if they were tropes added in the adaptation, existing tropes in the 50s, or if the novel invented them (and I don’t want to look on tvtropes, because it’d probably just spoil the hell out of the rest of the story). Like a fleet of alien ships arriving and hovering over a bunch of major cities and we don’t know what they want until they get around to making some kind of global announcement. Or advanced aliens appearing to us in the form of dead loved ones. Or kind of a “To Serve Man” sort of thing, aliens make everything great but we still aren’t sure if we should trust them.


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