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Posted in tv by Bill on December 7, 2015

expanseThe Expanse is Syfy’s upcoming show that starts Monday the 14th, and they’ve put the first episode on their site. I do always love it when I get to see things in advance, so obviously I checked this out.

It’s based on a series of novels of the same name, and takes place in a future where we’ve colonized the solar system. Earth and Mars are in what seems to be a cold war style conflict, and asteroid miners supply precious resources to seemingly both sides. “Belters,” residents of the astroids, seem to kinda be on the shit end of things. I assume their operations must be owned by Earth or Mars or sinister super rich capitalists, or they’d have the economic clout to improve things. But I’m guessing that will come up later.

This seems to be an attempt to go for the serious, ambitious type of show they haven’t done since Battlestar Galactica (I think the opening theme intentionally sounds a bit like the BSG intro music). It looks like they spent a lot on this, there are a lot of special effects and most of them look pretty good. It was renewed for season 2 while the first season was still filming, so it definitely has the backing of the network.

I didn’t completely love the pilot… they split the action between a Belter colony, a cargo ship, and Earth, so I feel like we didn’t get that great an introduction to any of it. But I like the aesthetic, and the plot seems to have some potential, so I’m 100% on board for this series.

Tom Jane, Jonathan Banks, Jay Hernandez, that lady from House of Sand and Fog, Babu from Seinfeld, Paulo Costanzo, and some actress who was on a few Lost Girl episodes are the only recognizable people in the cast. Which is probably good, I like that these people only seem like their characters and not the same old familiar faces.


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