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Posted in tv by Bill on November 22, 2015

jessica-jonesThe latest season of Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 got pretty dark, huh?

Jessica Jones is Marvel’s second Netflix series, this an adaptation of Alias, title changed for obvious reasons. Jessica Jones is an ex-superhero (of sorts) turned PI, and the series has kind of a Veronica Mars with superpowers vibe (dark crime show with a post-traumatic, sardonic, yet totally hot investigator protagonist), sans the high school.

Krysten Ritter stars as the titular Jones, David Tennant as the Purple Man, Mike Colter as Luke Cage, Carrie-Ann Moss as for some reason Jeryn Hogarth, and Rachael Taylor (the Aussie from the first Transformers movie) as Patsy Walker. Clarke Peters from The Wire also has a small role as a cop from Rucka’s awesome Punisher run.

I worried my hopes were too high for this. I liked Daredevil a lot. I like PI stories. I like Krysten Ritter. I liked the source material. I like seeing them do superhero stuff where the protagonist isn’t a white dude. But did that mean if it turned out mediocre, I’d be disappointed?

It turns out not to matter. It’s very good.. Kristen Ritter nails the attitude for the part. Killgrave is appropriately unsettling/terrifying. Luke Cage is Luke Cage. It fits with Daredevil‘s tone but doesn’t shy away from superpowers quite as much.

Some spoilers:

  • Neither a yellow t-shirt nor a tiara for Luke. I hope they’re going to work that into his show at least?
  • They namedrop Angela del Toro when Jess recommends another PI. Which is weird, since Angela’s a Fed. Perfect place for a Dakota North reference! But Angela is cool too.
  • I did not think they were going to do that scene, but they basically did. In a PG-13/10:00pm on basic cable decency standards sort of way.
  • When they introduced the cop and called him Simpson I wondered if he’s going to be Nuke, but then they said his first name was Will, so I guess not. But then he was anyway. Weird.
  • They can’t really use Jeryn Hogarth in the Iron Fist show now, I guess. Which kinda sucks! I don’t mind the gender change, but that character had basically zero to do with Jeryn Hogarth. He’s a nice guy schlub business lawyer guy. Very similar to Foggy Nelson, actually. I still really love how Batman Begins basically had Renee Montoya in it, but since she turned out to be a traitor, they opted not to call her Renee Montoya, because Renee wouldn’t do that. Jeryn wouldn’t do most of what “Jeri” does here, but they took the name anyway. Oh well.
  • I did like the brief nod to Jewel and the old costume.
  • IGH is, I assume, Inhuman Growth Hormone, the Marvel-can-use-this version of the Mutant Growth Hormone that Bendis worked into a lot of his comics for a while. I guess unless it’s short for hIGH evolutionary, but that’d be kinda hilariously weird.
  • Quality cameo in the last episode.

That joke did make me think though, Jessica is the titular B—-, Patsy is the blonde friend, Nuke is Van der Beek, Malcolm would have to be the guy with the crush on the blonde girl though right? And he barely interacted with Patsy. That might mean Luke is Van der Beek’s gay assistant guy though. But someone’s probably already making a tumblr for screencaps of one show with dialogue from the other.


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