Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on November 9, 2015

spectreSpectre continues Skyfall‘s approach of a more cinematic take on Bond’s adventures, but this time bringing in some of the more ridiculous aspects of the Bond mythos. Which can be a little bit weird, in that it all seems very serious, while he just assumes the villain will do stupid things that Bond villains do. It was overall good though, Craig is a fine Bond, and the cinematography is great, which really nice for the globetrotting adventures and exotic locales and all that. About average for the Daniel Craig Bond movies, I’d say, which is pretty solid.

As an aside, the imdb trivia page for this movie is garbage. Incredibly long, and it has to be at least half “[somebody] is the [oldest/first/most often] to do [something] in the Bond franchise.” Or even worse “first since [not that long ago],” like the one about how this is the first Daniel Craig Bond movie to be partially set in a snowy location, and the first since Die Another Day. They made three whole movies that didn’t have snow? Amazing trivia, imdb!


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