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Posted in video games by Bill on October 30, 2015

heroes6Might & Magic: Heroes 6 had me ready to hate it before even getting the game to launch. First, they changed the name of the series for some reason (Heroes of Might & Magic 1-5 followed by Might & Magic: Heroes 6?). Then they bundled it with Ubisoft’s uplay, which is their always-on DRM thing. Then the older version of uplay bundled with it crashes when trying to update to the new version.

But once I finally got it going, it’s actually really good. Other than sometimes Ubisoft’s servers crap out and I get kicked out of the single player, off-line game for bullshit DRM reasons. But I like the game a lot. My only two complaints with actual gameplay:

  • The campaign levels are really long. Twice as long as the HoMM3 levels, I’d say, which weren’t exactly short. 6-8 hours, and there are 4-ish maps in a campaign, and at least 6 campaigns.
  • They put a lot more story in, and the more I play these the more I think story just doesn’t really work? You play from the PoV of like 6 different factions. And when you’re playing the Griffin people, you want to stop the demon invasion. But later you’re going to be the demons, so anything you do either has to be an unsatisfying semi-victory, or a non-canon triumph. Either way, underwhelming from a story point of view.

But they really upped the cutscene game from the 5th one, they realized requiring you to rotate the map just made navigation confusing, they vastly improved the city UI, and the one positive of the uplay is that it does cloud savegames (of course they could do that in Steam, but since Steam didn’t have that listed, I thought I wouldn’t be able to easily move from desktop to laptop).

The length of things might make me unable to finish before Fallout 4 comes out, but for the time being, I’m hooked (it’s the methodone to my former Rocket League addiction, since it’s turn-based and not real-time, I’m not falling behind on RSS and stuff, and I’m making some progress catching up on comics).


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