Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on October 11, 2015

last-kingdomThe Last Kingdom is BBC America’s new show. Not unlike The Bastard Executioner, I suspect this is a response to both Game of Thrones and Vikings, so everyone just wants to make old timey shows with swords and stuff.

This one is set during a 9th century Danish invasion of England. A boy, the son of the king, gets kidnapped by the Danes. And then, at least based on the promotional images, I’m guessing there was going to be a time jump forward to where he’s a young adult and does stuff, but I didn’t make it that far.

Though I could fit another show on Saturday nights, I’m glad to not like this enough to follow it. I thought it did a better job than The Bastard Executioner of laying out a story to try to engage the viewer, but it also goes for more realism. So instead of a dude running around busting heads, it’s a shield wall. Which is great, except less exciting. And I’m not much of a history buff, especially old British history. Also, superficially, no hot actresses, at least not in the first half. So, this is a pass.


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