Pointless Nonsense

Posted in video games by Bill on October 11, 2015

hommvHeroes of Might & Magic V (for some reason I didn’t see IV on the Steam sale) is I guess the one where they converted to 3D, and it’s a bumpy conversion. At first I considered the game a total pile of garbage, but it turns out their implementation of windowed mode is awful. The mouse pointer is off by about 15 pixels for some reason, which I obviously struggled with until discovering it was a bug.

I didn’t want to switch to full screen mode, since my short attention span would like to occasionally alt-tab over to do other stuff, and even at the same resolution, there’s a 1-2 second pause to reset video when you exit fullscreen. And in a turn-based game, I like to switch out pretty frequently, but here I had to stick to fullscreen.

Anyway, the 3D doesn’t add anything and makes things a little clunky, but it’s not a terrible game. It’s the same basic concept, run around the map claiming things and picking fights, which switches to a tactical combat thing, your cities generate income and produce units, etc. The only real differences I’ve noticed thus far are hero-related stuff. Your heroes get to actually act in combat other than with spells. You can ride out on your horse and take a whack at a pile of units, who can’t counterattack. Also the ability tree is different.

But the building stuff is really similar, the map stuff is almost identical, the units are very similar, the tactics are similar except “wait” seems to have unpredictable results… basically the same game with a worse interface. And a story, but I never paid attention to the story.

So anyway, it’s not actually that bad, I’m going to at least finish the first campaign but I might keep going. Unfortunately, since neither this nor the 6th one support cloud saves, it’s a pain in the ass to move a game between my desktop and laptop, so I think I’m going to be trying the 6th one concurrently.


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