Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on September 30, 2015

tds-noahThe Daily Show with Trevor Noah is off to a rocky start. I do like Trevor Noah’s stand-up, but as a host, I dunno. The writing was solid, and I think they had the right amount of change to make it his own without making it a totally different show (new set, new logo, new opening graphics, mix of correspondents new and old, same music), but the delivery is off.

He’s a happy smiling charming guy, and when he rips into the value voters summit, he still looks happy and smiling. Jon Stewart had an edge that he lacks, not full on Lewis Black rage, but still a good amount of righteous anger when he was tearing into something stupid. Larry Wilmore does too. But Trevor Noah doesn’t. And I think that makes the show different in a bad way. SNL Weekend Update and the Craig Kilborn Daily Show made jokes about the news, but Jon Stewart’s show made jokes while making a point, which set it apart.

I’m not ready to bail on him after just two shows, but I’m not optimistic.


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