Pointless Nonsense

Posted in video games by Bill on September 29, 2015

heroes3Steam had a sale on the Might & Magic franchise, and I loved Heroes of Might and Magic III (though I’ve never played any other game in the franchise), so I dropped a few (literally) bucks on the HD edition of HOMM33.

I’m glad it was super cheap, because the “HD” seems like bullshit. Other than supporting 16×9 (in the game, the menus and videos (unchanged crappy 90s CGI) are side letterboxed), it looks almost exactly the same. I thought maybe my memory was fuzzy, so I googled it, and ubisoft’s website makes the original graphics look awful. But further googling shows that they’re full of shit.


So yeah, basically the same game, but whatever, I liked the original, so I’m not too upset about it being the same. I also picked up the 5th and 6th games in the Heroes series for next to nothing, so if I can tear myself away from my Rocket League addiction and fall TV I’ll try to give those a shot hopefully before the two-week trial period comes out.


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