Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on September 25, 2015

theplayerThe Player has, in one way, an interesting premise. A private security consultant guy gets involved with some organization can tip him off about a crime about to happen, and he has to race around to try to stop it. So it’s just fast-paced chase scenes.

But in another way, the premise is completely bonkers. Wesley Snipes is part of an organization of the super wealthy that has developed a way to predict crimes, and then gamble on them. You either bet on the criminal or the hero, our private security consultant protagonist. Basically like a sports bet, you bet on one side or the other, so the house is neutral, right? Don’t influence the outcomes, so the betters believe the game is fair. Except Wesley Snipes’ assistant type person, a pretty cute British blonde, is constantly giving the protagonist help, not being the least bit neutral. And that’s not even getting to the idea that they can predict crime. The protagonist rightly says “you can’t predict crime there are too many variables,” which Wesley Snipes hand waves away saying “there’s always one constant: human nature.” And I think that’s the last we’d ever get of an explanation for their insane algorithm.

Somewhat unrelated, there’s a “this takes place in Las Vegas” montage of gambling scenes, and they have like a half-second shot of a peek at hold-em hole cards, and I realized I have a Pavlovian response to seeing the two As of pocket aces like that.

As for the show itself, the pilot is not bad. If you can get past the stupidity, it’s just a bunch of chase scenes, and fairly exciting. I’m curious to see if they can keep it up with what is most likely a smaller budget for future episodes. If not, I’ll drop it in a hurry, because the story and characters aren’t doing much for me at all.


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