Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on September 25, 2015

rosewoodRosewood is yet another show where a cop partners up to solve murders and have sexual tension with a non-cop with special skills that includes knowing things about people from minor details. Though, for a change, the special skill non-cop isn’t kind of a jerk. I mean, he is a little bit, but they make him an “appreciate every day” sorta guy, so he’s very happy and smiley throughout. Which might be enough of a twist on the formula to get me watching the show regularly.

I hadn’t paid too close attention to the trailers, for some reason I thought the detective was the actress that played the exact same role in The Finder, but it’s someone else. They really played up the whole thing where she beats people up to show you how tough she is, which is fine, but the superficial part of me thinks they could’ve gotten a hotter actress.

Anthony Michael Hall plays another cop, I’m not sure if it’s just in the pilot though. The promotional images seem to have the shaved head white guy from The Wire and Breakout Kings as another cop instead. I dunno if that means he was replaced late in the game by AMH, or if AMH is only there for the pilot, and shaved head guy will turn up in episode 2.


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