Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on September 23, 2015

screamqueensScream Queens isn’t normally my type of thing but I gave it a shot because I always thought Emma Roberts was cute but she’s never in stuff I’m at all interested in. Plus the premise is sorority-centric so it should be easy on the eyes. I’m not sure I really knew what her voice sounded like, because really other than some trailers I’d never seen her before, but sometimes Emma Roberts both looks and sounds like Kristen Bell, and sometimes looks and sounds nothing at all like her. It’s weird. Nasim Pedrad, Abigail Breslin, Jaime Lee Curtis, and I think that girl who was a Nick/Disney actress and became a pop star but is supposed to be an awful person is also in it. But that might be someone else.

Anyway, I made it around 45 minutes in, until an extended joke happened that I think pretty well established the show’s sense of humor, which is not at all my sense of humor. The first part of it was kind of amusing, and then they stuck with it for another minute or so and then I was out.


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