Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on September 17, 2015

moonbeamcityIf you liked Archer Vice and thought it just needed a different art style and more famous celebrity voices, then you probably are the creator of Moonbeam City. Rob Lowe (who I always thought of as a relatively likable handsome dude, but not an interesting voice at all) plays the role of basically-Archer. I think Kate Mara was going for kind of an Aubrey Plaza thing, sorta taking on the Lana role as the sensible partner, but she just sounds bored (not her character sounding bored, Kate Mara sounds bored) . Will Forte and Elizabeth Banks at least bring some charisma with their voices.

That said, the art style is actually pretty cool, and some of the jokes work, and it’s not that bad. It just should have had a different cast, and maybe done a little more to differentiate it from Archer (maybe had the woman be the crazy cop, and the man be the level-headed one?), but it seems entertaining enough.


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