Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on September 15, 2015

narcosNarcos is Netflix’s series (that I thought was a miniseries, but isn’t) about Pablo Escobar and the Columbian cocaine trade. I assume miniseries because Escobar died relatively young so I can’t see how it’d go 6 seasons. It stars mostly a lot of people I don’t recognize, but also Pedro Pascal (Oberyn Martell, who I can tell is a native English speaker by the fact that I understand his Spanish really well) as a Mexican DEA-equivalent guy working with the DEA, the nun from Nacho Libre as a communist rebel, and Luis Guzman as a Medellin Cartel bigwig. Escobar, the main American DEA guy, and all the other principles are nobodies.

I had worried early on that they were overly glorifying Escobar, showing off his fabulous wealth, his cunning, his robin hood persona, and distancing him from all the atrocities. But in the latter half of the first season, he does actually come off as a monster.

The show actually isn’t that good, but I kept watching just to follow the true story (which is unusual for me, I normally don’t give a shit about “based on a true story”), thinking at the time it was a one season deal. And then thinking towards the end of the season, after I’d heard it was renewed, that they’d wrap up the Escobar bit and make season 2 about Cali. But no, the Escobar stuff is entirely unresolved. I doubt I’ll be back for season 2, I’m just going to read his wikipedia article.


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