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Posted in video games by Bill on September 2, 2015

rocket-leagueI got bored with Transistor pretty quickly, and I wasn’t feeling up to continuing my Dishonored game, so I was going to try Bioshock Infinite, despite not having finished the first one (or started the second). I just decided to hit youtube to figure out what happened, and after about 30 minutes of catching up, I find out that Infinite isn’t tied to the events of the first two at all. So that kinda pissed me off, and I decided to try out Rocket League instead.

It’s soccer with rocket cars, and it is stupidly fun. I’ve basically done nothing else for almost two days. Though its a totally different game, it reminds me of whatever version of Unreal it was when I played InstaGib CTF over and over again. Because the game is simple, relatively short, action packed, and I am constantly thinking “ok just one more game” and then I keep right on playing.

My only complaints thus far: I had to change my steam display name because I’m weirdly uncomfortable using my first initial and last name on a multiplayer server, and I cant express a preference for the orange team (for which I can have my car sorta resemble the ramblin’ wreck) over the blue team (for which it has to be blue or blue-ish).


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  1. Geebs said, on September 2, 2015 at 7:21 am

    Ah, I was wondering what you’ve been playing! Because it sounded like you were playing a game that had something to do with driving cars, but the ambient noise sounded like the stands of a soccer game. So “Soccer with Rocket Cars” makes perfect sense.

  2. joseph jeong said, on September 2, 2015 at 11:58 am

    That good, huh? We may have to play against each other then. I’ll go grab this tonight on Steam. You may get a Steam friend invite from a username starting with “x”.

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