Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on August 26, 2015

publicmoralsPublic Morals is a new period/crime/cop show on TNT created by and starring Edward Burns, with Michael Rappaport, Katrina Bowden, Tim Hutton, T-Bag from Prison Break, the original captain guy from >Castle,

The story follows the vice squad in New York (I think. They play Dirty Water over one scene which is the most Boston song ever, but it closes with a song about New York, so… ?). It’s set sometime in the 60s, but that seems very vague. I’d have thought they’d have picked a year and gone with music and fashion and world events from that year, like how Mad Men did it, but instead it seems like “60s” with no specific anything.

There’s a lot of cop/mob cliches… big Irish family full of both cops and mobsters, the cops are corrupt but not in an evil way this is just how they keep crime in check, the new guy on the squad who they’re not sure will play ball, he’s partnered with the grumpy old timer, etc. It’s a really white-guy-centric show. There’s one black cop who doesn’t get a lot of screen time, and the women in the show are wives and hookers.

Katrina Bowden is still hot, and Edward Burns’ characters wife is also easy on the eyes. That’s about all the positive I got from it. This probably works out best, since Tuesday will be very crowded towards the end of this show’s season.


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