Pointless Nonsense

Posted in video games by Bill on August 24, 2015

grim-fandangoGrim Fandango Remastered basically just updates the graphics and adds a mouse interface to the original. Which was already pretty great, though the graphics/interface updates were nice. But it was good to not mess with it too much. Could have used an auto-save feature, though. You play Manny Calavera, a Grim Reaper/Sales Agent in the Land of the Dead in an adventure game that mixes Mexican folklore and film noir.

It was fun to replay, though some of the puzzles in it are really, really hard. I wonder if half-remembering them turned out to be a hindrance? I would be like “aha! there’s the thing I need to do this other thing!” but forget the other 5 steps I needed to do first. So instead of being open to a variety of items and locations and possible solutions, I was zeroing in on a specific thing that I wasn’t ready for yet.


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