Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on August 24, 2015

fearthewalkingdeadFear the Walking Dead is the unnecessary but somewhat expected spinoff to the not-that-good but wildly popular zombie series. As a spinoff (of sorts, the only thing it has in common with it parent show is zombies), and it is basically the worst of The Walking Dead with none of the strong points.

The main series works best when the plot is moving swiftly. The dialogue isn’t great, the characters are only ok, the acting is fairly iffy, but when the story is moving along, things are pretty good (when they sat on the farm for like an entire season and nothing happened, things were bad). Here, things move very slowly. The characters in the 90 minute pilot didn’t know there was a zombie outbreak until right at the end. Most of the main characters are pretty underwhelming, and the one who I hated right off the bat didn’t manage to die in the pilot.

Sunday is, at least for now, a busy night, so at least this frees up an hour.


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