Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on August 23, 2015

blunt-talkBlunt Talk is a new Starz series starring Patrick Stewart as a Piers Morgan type TV host with an alcohol and drug (and prostitute) problem. Joining Stewart are the captain from that Yahoo show from Paul Feig, Romany Malco, Richard Lewis, that lady I always think is Sally Struthers but isn’t, and a Brent Spiner cameo. It’s created by Jonathan Ames, who did Bored to Death which I found very funny in an unusual way, so I thought that was a promising combination of talent.

Blunt Talk takes a while to get going, but towards the end of the pilot it’s pretty good. I’d been sort of worried because Patrick Stewart often kinda ruins comedy by trying too hard to be funny. He’s at his funniest when he’s given funny material and plays it straight, but he rarely does so. Fortunately, here he does manage to take his character pretty seriously, even as he’s doing ridiculous things.


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