Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on August 20, 2015

luciferLucfer is the last of the three leaked pilots. This one is based on a comic I never read, starring the guy from Rush as the devil, who’s on Earth because he got sick of being in hell. And then… it also devolves into “a cop and not a cop (with special powers) team up to solve murders, with sexual tension.”

In fact, this has a moment almost word-for-word identical as Minority Report, where the cop introduces herself to a witness and doesn’t mention the other person, but the other person assumes they’re both cops and refers to them as “detectives,” which causes the not-a-cop to amusingly ask “detectives?”

It’s always a really bad sign when a pilot goes all out on paying for music. There’s never more than 5 minutes between recognizable hit songs playing. It’s a strong indicator of an inability to establish style/tone without help. And after the pilot, they won’t have the budget for the music anymore, so even if it might make things seem cool for the first hour, it won’t keep up in episode two.

This show has a lot of good looking people, a lot of flash, but basically no substance. It’s not that much worse than Minority Report, but just out of personal preference, I’m much more patient with science fiction than religious fantasy.


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