Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on August 20, 2015

blindspotBlindspot is another upcoming pilot that was leaked online. The cops find a bag in times square. Inside, is a woman covered in tattoos with chemically-induced amnesia. The tattoos have a ton of information on them which turn out to be clues to various crimes, and somewhere in her swiss cheese brain seems to be the key to interpreting them. And of course we start to get clues to her mysterious past.

Superficially, the premise is both good and bad. On the good side, Jaimie Alexander plays the tattooed woman. She is hot, and the premise requires her to take off her clothes a lot to show the tattoos. On the bad side, she’s not the type of woman I think looks very good with tattoos. Oh well.

It’s basically The Blacklist + The Bourne Identity. Someone drops into the lap of the Feds with information to help stop some sort of international criminal conspiracy and save a lot of lives, but can the Feds really trust this person? And then also amnesia person who turns out to be some kind of badass. I think my interest in the show past the pilot will depend on the evil conspiracy turning out to be interesting. There is very little of that in the pilot, just enough to know that it will be a thing going forward. If it turns out boring, I’m sure I’ll drop it quickly. But maybe it’ll be cool? Who knows.


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