Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on July 28, 2015

jl-godsandmonstersJustice League: Gods and Monsters is the latest DC animated direct-to-disc feature. This one got people all excited because it’s Bruce Timm’s return to the creative end of things for the first time in a while, but it’s also an alt-universe thing where the Justice League people are kinda evil.

Batman (Michael C Hall) in this is Kirk Langstrom (normally Man-Bat), and a vampire. Superman (Benjamin Bratt) is Zod’s son and landed on the US/Mexico border where he was picked up by a Mexican family (which seems a tad racist, to have the Mexican-raised Superman be semi-evil?). And Wonder Woman (Saroyan from Bones) is Bekka, Orion’s wife from New Genesis, but in this one Highfather is the bad guy and I guess Darkseid was an ok dude. They’re sorta superheroes, but more like the Authority than the usual Justice League, very aggressive and authoritarian and perfectly ok with killing people. They do have fun with the DCU, as almost every character is a version of a comics hero or villain. Will Magnus, Michael Holt, Ryan Choi, John Henry Irons, lots of C and D-listers who you’d not really expect to see in a movie.

The presence of those smaller characters is about the only positive I saw, it wasn’t very interesting in general.


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