Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on July 26, 2015

invisible-manMy cable system didn’t get SciFi (back when it was called that) when The Invisible Man was on, but I’d caught half an episode once and it seemed reasonably ok (also hot girl with a hot accent). I was just reminded about it the other day, and saw that it’s on Hulu, so I thought I’d finally give it a shot. The two-hour pilot was kind of a drag, largely due to the aforementioned hot accented girl not appearing. So I tried the next couple and they are a bit better.

Generic scoundrel anti-heroic protagonist is a thief who gets caught and sent to prison, but his scientist brother has invented a thing to turn people invisible and the government needs a guinea pig. So he gets a new gland attached to his brain, and then the scientist brother and all the data about the gland are destroyed, Captain America-style, so our scoundrel is the only one who can turn invisible. There’s some deal where turning invisible messes with his mind, so he has to get an injection every week or so, or he goes nuts. Which is how they keep him working for the government, because they’re the only ones who can keep him sane. There’s a mysterious fed boss guy, the Greek from The Wire as his tough guy agent partner, and the hot accented girl as his doctor/handler. She’s not as hot as I remember (mostly from the original WB network faux soap opera Muscle), but still hot.

Even though the subsequent episodes were better than the pilot, they weren’t good enough to continue. They open every episode with the main guy reciting a quote from some famous person. That annoyed the shit out of me on Criminal Minds and it annoys the shit out of me here. I also wasn’t finding the one-off stories very interesting, and they failed to do anything to indicate a long-term story. So nothing really managed to hook me at all.


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