Pointless Nonsense

Posted in video games by Bill on July 20, 2015

crusaderkings2Crusader Kings II is the first game where I took advantage of Steam’s new 2 week/2 hour no questions asked return policy. I’d heard people saying good things about it, stuck it on my wishlist, and was notified that it was 80% off, so I picked it up for $8. I thought it was a Civ-type game but set towards the middle ages, and with a dynastic/internal politics aspect. But it’s actually a politics sim with a combat element but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of tactics or strategy to the combat. I basically just worked my way through the tutorial, arranging my own marriage, placating lesser nobles, dealing with internal strife, political machinations to justify war, and generally feeling like I was doing pointless micromanaging. It has like a billion DLC packs, so apparently some people are super into this, but I am not.

The refund process was pretty simple, so I do feel comfortable being less choosy with future Steam purchases. Now to finish off my Fallout 3 replay.


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