Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on July 18, 2015

ant-manAnt-Man probably should have been terrible, since Edgar Wright worked on it for about 10 years before dropping out at the last minute, hiring a new director I think just weeks before filming started. But the Marvel formula just seems to work, Paul Rudd is a pretty damn likable actor, and the size changing visuals were actually quite cool, so it’s hard to dislike this movie.

It’s not great by any means. The Marvel formula is starting to feel more and more formulaic, Paul Rudd is actually less likable than usual (and not just because his character is a thief), one specific (and plot-critical) use of the shrinking powers doesn’t actually make any sense, and the villain is pretty boring.

But the good outweighs the bad, and it’s a perfectly entertaining movie.

Unrelated, but the imdb trivia section has become a pile of garbage. I still pretty much read them after every movie I see, but they’re increasingly awful. “This marks Paul Rudd’s first time as a Marvel Superhero.” How is that a piece of trivia? And they’re increasingly interested in playing weird games of six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Like from Terminator: Genisys, there was an item about how Emilia Clark is in a TV show with Lena Headey who was in another TV show with Summer Glau who was in another show with Jewel Staite who was in another TV show with Jason Momoa who played Conan like Arnold and also was in that first TV show with Emilia Clarke. Like, that Lena Headey is on GoT and also played Sarah Connor, that deserves its own entry, sure. But it’s actually mentioned five times in that trivia section. It’s terrible.

Anyway, spoilers to follow:

  • Evangeline Lilly is still super hot, but her character was kinda dumb. She was mostly there to give exposition and make Hank feel bad. The mid-credits scene was the first interesting thing to happen with her (other than wearing tight pants in the training scenes). And the love interest bit was really forced at the end. Scott being a dad is front-and-center story-wise, so there’s no room for a romantic subplot, they just throw it in there. Possibly because Paul Rudd did a rewrite and wanted to get to kiss Evangeline Lilly, and who could blame him? Wait, except he’s married with kids, so hopefully not.
  • They badly mistreated Janet van Dyne. It seems like she died a temporary comic book death, which normally I hate, but I’d rather her brought back than let her die off before the events of the movie.
  • The cuts from tiny people fighting by throwing relatively giant and imposing toy train cars to the normal size perspective impacts were great. That definitely felt like something left from Edgar Wright’s script.
  • Anthony Mackie really loves playing Falcon I think.
  • The CGI de-aged Michael Douglas was creepy, not in an uncanny valley sense, but in an “I know this is fake because he’s old now, but it doesn’t look fake at all” way.

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