Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on July 11, 2015

hisgirlfridayI’d had His Girl Friday in my netflix queue forever, and finally decided to watch it. Oddly, half the reason I watched it was to understand what people meant when they referred to someone as a “girl friday,” which obviously meant some kind of helper person, but I assumed it was a reference to the movie. But it turns out the phrase “girl friday” predates the movie, and I don’t think they even used the term at any point in the movie.

Cary Grant plays a tremendous asshole who schemes to prevent his ex-wife from marrying some new dude (played by a young version of the Duke brother from Trading Places that was not Don Ameche), and convince her to rejoin the newspaper business. I think we’re supposed to like him? But I just thought he was a total douche and she should have stuck with whatshisname Duke.


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