Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on June 30, 2015

zooZoo is CBS’s latest summer series in the vein of Under the Dome (a high concept slightly scifi thing with a big ensemble cast dealing with a crazy new status quo based on a popular book), this one about I guess all the world’s animals getting pissed off at humanity and attacking.

The guy from Lone Star and Mad Men plays a conservationist in Africa who works with that Daxos guy from Game of Thrones, and they stumble into a kinda hot French girl. Back in the states, this girl who was in House of Cards some is a journalist who works with/bangs Dan Egan from Veep. Her investigation runs across the Stroh from Major Crimes who’s a veterinary coroner guy poking into dead lions to figure out why they went nuts.

It might actually be ok eventually, but the pilot spends too much time introducing the (pretty generic) characters. The big dramatic reveal at the end of the pilot is a bunch of housecats in a tree. It’s mildly unsettling, but it seems like it’ll be several episodes before the animals really go nuts en masse, which is kind of the whole point of the series? So I’m passing on this one.


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