Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on June 29, 2015

humansHumans is the new BBC/AMC near-future scifi series about domestic robots and AI and all that. It’s a concept that I’m both fond of and nervous about, because I feel like I already know all the notes they’re going to hit from having seen lots of movies and read lots of comics about.

Jen from The IT Crowd and familiar-looking redheaded British guy star as a couple arguing over his decision to pick up a domestic robot (played by a weird-looking-but-hot Asian woman) to help out with the kids and housework, but it turns out the robot has a secret past (which is entirely reminiscent of the comic Alex + Ada, and wasn’t totally original there either). William Hurt is an old dude who has a robot nurse he’s grown to care about, but the government wants to swap the nurse out with a new one. And of course there’s a sex-bot, because there’s always a sex-bot.

But I’ll stick with it, just because… I do like this stuff, even if it’s rehashes of familiar ideas.


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