Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on June 20, 2015

complicationsComplications is USA’s new medical (and maybe action?) show, from the Burn Notice creator, and starring Jason O’Mara, Parker from Leverage, and the professor Winger dated on Community. O’Mara is a doctor in probably Sandy Springs (the King and Queen buildings are close to the hospital he works at) who has a really bad day and shoots someone and also flips out in the ER. I only made it through the first hour of a two hour pilot, and it’s a pretty typical setup for yet another grim anti-hero sort of thing. He’s an angry guy who’s doing the wrong thing for the right reasons. But since these types of protagonists are everywhere on TV, I’d have expected to see something to make him stand out, but there really isn’t. It’s yet another dark and humorless show that wishes it was Breaking Bad or The Sopranos but totally isn’t.


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